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Chicago’s Best Live Streaming Services

Live streaming video content is a powerful form of marketing utilized by more than 80% of internet users to explore brands and make purchasing decisions. Consumers who watch live streams prefer live content over other social media content, and 67% of those who watch live streams end up purchasing tickets to similar events. That’s a powerful conversion rate, one that our team at SolidLine Media wants to help our clients emulate by providing powerful streaming and video production tools through our SolidLive platform

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Where Should You Consider Live Streaming?

When live streaming video content, the platform and its associated audience can have just as much impact on the effectiveness of your streamed video as the content of your video. The platform will determine how your content can be accessed and who can access it. The video streaming platform will also have an impact on your ability to customize the presentation of your video as well as the overall ROI. Once you’ve considered these factors it’s important to understand the metrics behind your stream to determine the success of your efforts.  

Factors That Impact Your Overall Return

When choosing a platform upon which to stream your brand content outside of your brand’s IT infrastructure, you should take into consideration how the platform handles certain features of streaming:


  • How does the platform authorize your account, to ensure that your branding message via video remains secure and inaccessible by anyone not designated to be a user who is part of your team?
  • How does the platform authenticate users to keep your video content accessible to your audience but otherwise secure?
  • How are you able to customize the presentation of your content on the platform to put your branding front-and-center?
  • Is the pricing to broadcast on the platform worth the cost, taking into account ROI? If the platform is free, are you able to adequately monetize the platform and advertising to create sufficient revenue?

The Case for SolidLive Over Free DIY Streaming

We understand that as a business operating in the modern economy that it’s not possible to ignore the social media platforms where “going live” to stream video content is necessary to engage your audience and community. Because these platforms prioritize the viewer experience, you’ll spend a lot of time managing both content creation and distribution.


For a more fleshed out and robust streaming platform, there are professional streaming platforms that many businesses rely upon. SolidLine Media’s answer to this is our SolidLive platform, designed to provide production and streaming support for our clients. Clients can feed live or pre-recorded video material to our production facilities and our platform in turn can turn out high-quality streamed content that supports your brand and builds awareness. With low production costs and the ability to fully customize the presentation, SolidLive provides the features companies need to create successful and profitable content streams. Combined with the ability to track analytics that will help to shape and create future content in a targeted manner, the platform has everything necessary to provide long-term success in a client’s marketing strategy.  

SolidLive Helps You Share Your Vision With the World

Live streams give your clients a glimpse behind the curtain and help them to truly connect with the people behind the brand. With no gimmicks or special effects, live streams allow your brand to put its true face forward and inspire the brand-loyalty necessary to build and inspire trust. To learn more about our live streaming service and other video production services, contact our team of marketing professionals today. 

Why Bother with Live Streaming?

Whether it’s an interview, a conference, concert, or some other type of event, holding a live stream can go a long way towards building your branding and proving the return on investment of your future events to exhibitors, speakers, and attendees.

In fact, according to a reader survey by Livestream.com and New York Magazine, 67% of audiences who watched a live stream purchased a ticket to a similar event. Furthermore, people also prefer content that’s streamed live, with 80% choosing a live stream over reading a blog.

By live streaming your organization’s events and other special goings-on, you can recruit future attendees to sign up for your future events or, at the very least, raise brand awareness. For businesses, you can build your mailing list by “gating” your live stream with a lead capture form that collects information from your viewers. Armed with this information, you can then nurture these leads on email or social media until they become paying attendees and/or customers.

The Importance of Streaming Your Event on Social Media

When you stream your event with the help of SolidLine media, you get the option of hosting your online broadcast on your website, on your social media pages, or both at the same time. Companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft stream their keynotes simultaneously on their official website and social media channels to ensure their event reaches a mass audience.

However, you can also try the strategy of hosting the first 10 minutes or so of a keynote on your social media and notify viewers to view the rest of your stream on your website. This way, your site gains traffic and leads captured through a contact form.

A Great Live Stream Is About Great Production

At SolidLine Media, our ability to capture your audience’s attention through our live streaming services is hinged upon top notch video production. Our camera operators, DOPs, video editors, and motion graphics specialists all work closely together to frame your event, conference, or interview in a way that resonates with your audience. We take care of everything behind the scenes to ensure your live stream looks good, informs and entertains your audience, and gets them wanting more.

Plan Your Live Streaming Event with an Expert

At SolidLine Media, we’ve worked with groups and organizations such as the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), New Jersey City University (NJCU), and Americas’ SAP User’s Group (ASUG) among many others, producing, shooting and broadcasting their events. Contact SolidLine Media today to learn more about our live streaming and video production services and how we can revolutionize the training and onboarding process for your business.