What Are Aerial Videos?

Aerial videos are filmed from elevated perspectives that have the ability to show the whole picture. Enabling footage to be captured at angles previously inaccessible, aerial videos open up a whole new world of visual opportunity.

Such footage is captured by strategically placed drones that are able to move around the filmsite smoothly. Just like any other kind of video, aerial videos can be filmed to your exact specifications, but with a whole new perspective.


High-Quality Aerial Videos

Depending on the nature of your video project, investing in aerial video production can reap several benefits. For instance, when producing a video in a natural landscape, having a birds’ eye view allows viewers to truly comprehend the enormity of what is on show.

For promotional and marketing videos, companies can show off their locations, equipment, or infrastructure. Investing in aerial video production is key to providing a new, attention-grabbing perspective to your viewers.


Work With SolidLine Media On Your Next Project

If you are looking to film a video from elevated angles, SolidLine Media can help. The aerial videos we produce can be incorporated into a larger project, or stand on their own. These productions will be completely in alignment with your requirements thanks to our 9 Stages of Client Approval.

SolidLine Media: Aerial Reel

SolidLine Media: Aerial Reel

A Unique Perspective

Add Aerial Video Into
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At SolidLine Media, our team is ready to help add aerial video into your productions, no matter where we need to go to get the footage! We do not charge separately for travel expenses within the United States, and we are dedicated to producing your project on-time and on-budget.

Your deadline is sacred to us, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your video will be delivered timely when you engage our services.


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