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Recruitment Video Production 

Every business wants to recruit the best people, but it’s not as easy as visiting LinkedIn and cherry-picking the people with the most interesting resumes. Put simply, you want the talented employees to come to you, and one way you can make that happen is by integrating video into your recruiting and hiring process.

Here at SolidLine Media, we offer recruitment video production for all types of businesses, but the type of recruitment video depends entirely on the needs of the business. The following are a few different ways that SolidLine Media can help with recruitment video production.

Showcase Videos

One of the easiest ways to integrate video production into recruitment is to produce showcase videos for a business’s career website. That is where interested parties will visit first when researching a brand and trying to get a sense of how they may fit into the workplace there, and what better way is there to communicate all of that than a video that walks through everything they might want to know about a business’s culture?

Job Postings

Another way to use video in recruitment is to incorporate it into job postings. If there are any relevant videos to specific open positions, why not include those right alongside the job posting itself? This allows the business to communicate their expectations for the position while also giving potential employees an immediate sense of what they can look forward to in this new job. Even better, video content improves search engine optimization, which may mean that more people will find the listing in the first place.

Videos for Job Fairs

Job fairs are a common way to recruit new talent to a business, and if a business is planning on attending such an event, they may as well bring along a computer or tablet that allows the sharing of a high-quality recruitment video to drive traffic to a booth and help candidates connect with a potential employer.

Share Video Via Social Media

Another great way to disseminate excellent recruitment video content is through social media platforms, which have become increasingly conducive to video in recent years. It is easier than ever to use Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Snapchat to connect with talented people in search of great new jobs. Making high-quality recruitment video content available through these platforms will only extend its reach.

Video Recruiting is the Future

While there are many effective ways to recruit the best potential employees to your business, the fact of the matter is that video recruiting not only is one of the most effective tools available to employers right now, but it will continue to become even more relevant in the immediate future. Video has changed the way businesses interact with potential employees, and SolidLine Media is the video production agency many businesses task with bringing those videos to fruition.

If your business could use some help with recruitment video production, contact us here at SolidLine Media to start a conversation about how we can be of service!