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Promotional and Marketing Videos

In a perfect world, companies could develop a promotional strategy that included plenty of face-to-face interactions with their audience. Nothing beats one on one communication for establishing a relationship and boosting sales. For most companies today, this type of intimate relationship with their audience is near impossible to achieve, unless they find a way of bridging the gaps in personalized communication – like video.

In an increasingly digital landscape, video has emerged as the most effective tool for attracting leads and converting them into customers. Most companies with a strong digital presence already know this, but what isn’t always understood are the nuances between types of video content. Of the various types of video content being leveraged by businesses today, it’s promotional marketing videos that have an unsurpassed potential for fueling serious growth for your company.

What Is A Promotional Marketing Video?


Every company has goals, and a strategy in place for meeting them. Video has become the primary focus of marketing departments in the largest, most successful companies. However, for marketing departments it has become even more challenging to attract and move their audience in a cluttered, often fragmented digital space. Promotional videos provide a solution, and there’s no better tool for delivering a memorable, direct message that produces actionable results.

Promotional marketing videos are tools for marketing products and services provided by your company. The best promotional marketing video should compel and captivate the audience while inspiring action that leads to conversions. The goal of a promotional marketing video is to deliver as much information as possible, while making it memorable and enjoyable, in a short amount of time. You have a snippet of time to capture your audience and get them moving – promotional marketing video can get the job done.

Key Objectives of High Performing Promotional Marketing Videos


At SolidLine Media, we focus on producing promotional marketing videos that deliver on your company’s key objectives. When we sit down with you to develop a promotional marketing strategy that includes high-level video production, we focus on several main objective areas.

  • What are your goals, and how will we achieve them? Promotional marketing videos deliver real, tangible results. The success of your marketing videos is measured by how closely it hits the target of your primary goals.
  • How can we engage your audience? Your audience comes wrapped up with its own unique set of traits, characteristics and motivating factors. Understanding your audience helps us create videos that reach out and engage with them on an emotional level.
  • What can we do better for you? As a professional video production company, we understand how different types of promotional marketing videos can enhance the bottom line of your business. Our dedication to successful promotional content means we don’t rest until we’ve explored every option and developed a video strategy that delivers.

Work with SolidLine Media on Your Next Promotional Marketing Video Project


We’re your promotional marketing video production company that will follow through the process from conception to production and beyond. Connect with SolidLine Media today and let’s start talking about a strategy for building revenue through promotional video production.