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Newsreel Archives

COVID-19 UPDATE: SolidLine Media’s At-Home Video Solutions

March 2020: Behind the SolidLine: Staying Connected with SolidLine Media

February 2020: Behind the SolidLine: What’s Inside Those Cases?

January 2020: Behind the SolidLine: 2019 Recap Video!

October 2018: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: Viva Biddeford, Maine!

August 2018: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: Happy 17th Birthday!

July 2018: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: Puppies On Set!

June 2018: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: No Slowing Down!

May 2018: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: Quiet on the Set!

April 2018: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: “Working Hard” from DC to AZ

March 2018: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: Videos That Are Out of This World!

February 2018: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: It’s Bigger Than Bitcoin!

January 2018: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: Big Things Coming in 2018!r

December 2017: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: So Long, Sweet 2017!

November 2017: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: The Official Christmas Tree Lighting

October 2017: WATCH A NEW EPISODE: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever, SolidLine Debuts 15 Videos at AOF Honors, SLM Produces Onsite Video for Cleveland Clinic

September 2017: WATCH: Celebrating 16 Years of SolidLine Media, SLM Produces Content for MedStar Health, Happy Sweet 16 to SolidLine Media!

August 2017: WATCH: SolidLine Editor On Set, SLM Gears Up for The Society’s Fall Speaker Broadcast Series, SolidLine Crew Without Solar Eclipse Glasses

July 2017: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: Global Videos Galore, SLM Now Creating Website Header Videos, John the Editor’s First Time On Set in Five Years

June 2017: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: Caricatures & Production Carts; SLM Produces Mobility Management Series; SolidLine Produces 16 Videos in 10 Countries

May 2017: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever: Coasters, Boats, and Beaches; SLM Heads to Orlando for ASUG Annual Conference; SolidLine Produces Live Broadcast for NJCU

April 2017: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever – Goats vs. Drones, SolidLine Supports Rosecrance Benefit, SLM Editors Head to Avid Connect in Vegas

March 2017: New Series: SolidLine’s Best Month Ever, SLM Broadcasts LIVE from NASPA Conference, SLM’s March Madness Bracket Breakdown

February 2017: SolidLine By The Numbers: 2016 Year in Review, SLM Crew Uses Projection Mapping on Coffee, SolidLine’s Aerial Reel Takes Flight

January 2017: SolidLine Teams Up With Rosecrance to Produce Brand Video, SLM Gets Major Post-Production Upgrade, The Society Talks About Working with SolidLine

December 2016: AOA Shares Osteopathic Stories with SolidLine Produced Videos, SolidLine Produces Sepsis Awareness Video with MedStar Health, SLM Christmas Tree Named ‘Tree of the Year’

November 2016: We Love Our Awesome Clients, SLM Produces Onsite Video at Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit, Top 10 Things We’re Thankful For

October 2016: SolidLine Hits the Big Easy to Film for ASUG, Geminus and SolidLine Partner Together to Produce Powerful PSA’s, SolidLine Takes to the Skies!

September 2016: Pragmatic Marketing Debuts SolidLine Productions, Cell Phone Giant ZTE Features New Phones with SolidLine Media, We’re Going to Disney: SolidLine Produces 10th AOF Honors Event in Anaheim, California

August 2016: Happy 15th Birthday SolidLine, SLM Releases New & Improved solidlinemedia.com, SolidLine to Feature Weekly Cinemagraphs on Social Media Channels

July 2016: SolidLine Produces Inclusive Casting PSA, SolidLine Partners with Great Clips to Grow Franchises

June 2016: SolidLine Stats Soar Halfway Through 2016 with Production in 13 Countries, SLM Productions Used to Train Over 500 New Medical Residents in DC, DHL Brings Home Stevie Award for SLM Produced Video

May 2016: SolidLine Produces ASUG Keynote to Over 15,000 in Orlando, SLM Produces Onsite Conference Video at the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit, SLM Helps Rosecrance Celebrate 100 Years

April 2016: SolidLine Travels to Australia for Documentary Production, SLM Producer on NAB 2016 Panel, Behind the Scenes: DHL Town Hall

March 2016: SolidLine Crew Heads to the Middle East, SolidLine Welcomes SIUC Externs for Week-Long Production Experience, SLM’s March Madness Standings: An Update from Editor John-Boy Courchane

February 2016: SolidLine Shoots 48 Interviews for DHL, SolidLine To Produce 5 Videos for Baker Tilly, SLM Crew Takes Time to Enjoy Paczkis

January 2016: SolidLine Debuts New 2016 ShowReel and MotionReel, DHL LifeTrack Premieres SLM Produced Video, Minute for Medicine Turns One!

December 2015: SolidLine: 2015 By the Numbers, The Official SLM 2015 Christmas Poem, A Year of Social Media Banners

November 2015: SolidLine Partners with Great Clips to Grow Their Franchises, SLM Produces Ryder Case Study with Sherwood Foods, The Crew’s Thanksgiving Reflections

October 2015: SolidLine Logistics – Crew Work 8 Cities in 2 Weeks, SLM Produces AOF Honors for 9th Year in a Row, ASUG Keeps SolidLine Busy at TechEd

September 2015: SolidLine Hosts Week Long Media Camp In Korce, Albania, SLM Produces 6 Videos In Austin For ASUG, Post-Production’s First Album Goes Viral

August 2015: SolidLine Celebrates 14 Years In Business, Produces Action Packed Video in Indy, Adds New MoVI Camera Support

July 2015: SolidLine Produces 17 Videos in 9 Countries, Giving Opportunity: SolidLine Heads to Albania to Host Media Camp, SLM Celebrates Winning Production Awards

June 2015: SolidLine Makes ProductionHUB’s Pro100 List, SLM Produces Onsite conference Video at the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Summit, Meet the SLM Interns: Re’Nesha D. & Greg C.

May 2015: SolidLine Moves to Orlando for a Week with ASUG, Attends 17th Annual NPSF Conference to Promote Minute for Medicine, SLM Crew Interview: You Survived the Winter, Now What?

April 2015: MedStar Health Releases SolidLine Produced Video Please See Me, SLM Paints the Town at Avid Connect & NAB in Vegas, SLM Crew Interview: NCAA Bracket Challenge Winner Announced

March 2015: SolidLine Interviews 42 Executives at DHL’s 2015 Americas Management Conference, SLM Produces AGD Video In 1 Week, SLM Crew Welcomes SIUC Extern

February 2015: SolidLine Kicks Off Spring Speaker Broadcast Season With The NSLS, SLM Collaborates With CBRE For “Office Of The Future” Promo, SLM Crew Shoe Line-Up

January 2015: Minute for Medicine Ships Q1 2015, SolidLine to Produce ASUG Keynote Video, Meet the Intern: Avery Schleichkorn 

December 2014: SolidLine Debuts Minute For Medicine, New Patient Safety Documentary Released, End Of The Year Stats!

November 2014: SolidLine Debuts 13 Videos In Seattle, Mecum’s Gone Farmin’ Iowa Premiere Debuts Next Week, SLM’S Top 10 List Of Thanks

October 2014: AHA Shares SolidLine Patient Safety Videos, Trying to Stay Sane: 26 Days of Production, SLM Welcomes New Production Intern

September 2014: SolidLine Launches ProductionLand, Offers New Text to Video Service, Society Speaker Broadcast Schedule Announced

August 2014: SolidLine Celebrates 13th Birthday, Debuts AHRMM14 Video in Orlando, SLM Now Accepting Resumes for Internship

July 2014: SolidLine To Produce Mecum’s Gone Farmin’ Vintage Tractor Auctions, SLM Clients Talk About Their Production Experience With Us, Meet The Intern: Joey ‘Boots’ Schiappa

June 2014: SolidLine Produces 14 “Live” News Shows in Orlando, SLM Celebrates 10 Years in Telluride at the Patient Safety Summer Camp, Reels in Two People’s Telly Awards

May 2014: SolidLine Produces Video Series For TransUnion Interactive, SLM Debuts Three Videos At Rosecrance’s Annual Benefit, Vote For SolidLine In The People’s Telly Awards

April 2014: NY Times Features Social Progress Imperative Video, SolidLine Produces Patient Safety Video With MedStar Health, SLM Travels To Vegas For NAB 2014

March 2014: SolidLine Produces CPR Training Videos, WATCH AND VOTE: SIU Extern Edit Challenge Videos, Opens March Madness Bracket — Join The Fun!

February 2014: SolidLine Makes First Annual Pro100 List , Introduces SLM Crew Member Matt Kudla, Releases New Demo Reels

January 2014: SolidLine Releases New Music Video, Call For Production Interns, Wins Summit Emerging Media Award

December 2013: SolidLineMedia.com Launches New Website, Raises Over $5K For St. Jude, Releases 2013 Stats In Poem Style

November 2013: SLM Crew Grow Beards for St. Jude, Produces :60 for Safety Series, Selected to Judge Aurora Awards

October 2013: SolidLine Video Debuts in Austin, Travels to Vegas for AOA’s OMED, SLM Brings Home Davey Award

September 2013: SolidLine Produces Suicide Prevention Video, Launches 3rd Society Broadcast Season, Welcomes ‘Sir’ Matt Bradley

August 2013: SolidLine Celebrates A Dozen Years, Presents At Creative Career Day, Watch & Vote: Intern Editing Challenge

July 2013: SolidLine Brings Home The Gold, Announces Crew Hot Wing Challenge, Shares New Releases

June 2013: SolidLine Films at O’Hare, Wins People’s Telly Awards, Shares Intern Chris’s Video

May 2013: SolidLine Produces Safest Choice Eggs Video, Travels The World In 9 Days, Thanks Former Production Intern

April 2013: SolidLine Helps Change the Face of Beauty, Participates in People’s Telly, Crew in Vegas for NAB

March 2013: SolidLine Wins Aurora And Communitas Awards, Hosts SIU Externs, Competes In First Annual Pie Bake-Off

February 2013: SolidLine Hangs with Rudy Giuliani, SLM Footage Featured on “The Doctors,” Intern Editing Challenge Winner Announced 

January 2013: SolidLine Releases Holiday Card, Watch and Vote: Intern Editing Challenge, 2013 SLM ShowReel

December 2012: SolidLine Wins Davey Award, 2012 SLM Stats are In, Shoots Top Secret Holiday Card Photo in Chicago

November 2012: SolidLine Helps Raise Over $30,000 for Bears Care, 2012 SLM Chili Cook-Off Highlights, Celebrates Thanksgiving with a Spicy Challenge

October 2012: SolidLine Debuts 18 Videos in 7 Days in San Diego, Donates Production Services to RAMP, Broadcasts LIVE with Hilary Duff in LA

September 2012: SolidLine to Produce 2012-2013 Season of NSLS ‘LIve’ Broadcasts, Watch: EP Secret Obsession with Mascots, SLM Expands Post Department

August 2012: SolidLine Celebrates 11th Birthday, VOTE NOW in the SLM Intern Editing Challenge, Adding 4th Motion Graphics Position

July 2012: SolidLine in Telluride for Patient Safety Summit, SLM Featured on Avid Website, Producing Safety Videos for Avfuel

June 2012: Telly Awards Salute SolidLine, Battle of the Roof: SLM Intern Ice Cream Eating Challenge, Conversations with SLM

May 2012: SolidLine Awarded 4 Production Awards, Attends ‘Night to Remember,’ Honors 500th Facebook Fan

April 2012: SolidLine Gives $5,000 to ‘A Night to Remember’, Produces Spots for Nutri-Vet, SLM Cafe Now Open

March 2012: SolidLine 500th Fan Giveaway, Welcomes SUIC Externs, New SLM Releases

February 2012: SolidLine to Produce Promos for Qumu, Completes Studio Lighting Grid, Debuts New Web Series

January 2012: SolidLine Produces ‘Ethanol Challenge’ for Husqvarna, Welcomes New Crew, Solves Office Mystery

December 2011: SolidLine to Produce Educational Videos for ISMIE, Raises $30k for Bears Care, 2011 Crew Travel Recap

November 2011: SLM Crew Rocks It at OMED 2011, Reaches New Production Record

October 2011: SolidLine Crew Hangs with Food Network Star Alton Brown, Hits the Skies Over Chicago

September 2011: SolidLine Media Opens New Production Facility in Chicago’s Loop

August 2011: SolidLine Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Welcomes New Crew to the Team, Top 10 List

July 2011: SolidLine Releases New Videos for TransUnion, Produces Documentary in Telluride, New Office Update!

June 2011: SolidLine Produces ASUG News ‘Live’ in FL, Wins Telly Award for Humor

May 2011: SolidLine Takes Flight Over San Francisco, Intern Sam Bids His Farewell, American Idol on the SLM Blog

April 2011: SolidLine Shoots with Sony F3, Launches New Intern Program, Visits 18 States and China

March 2011: SolidLine 2nd in Worldwide Awards Competition, Welcomes New Production Coordinator

February 2011: SolidLine Produces PSA Series to Prevent Child Abuse, Moving Plans, New Winter Intern Blog

January 2011: SolidLine Celebrates ASUG’s 20th Anniversary, Patient Safety Documentary to 140 US Medical Schools

December 2010: SolidLine Produces New APRN Educational Video, Travels Around the World in 125 Days

November 2010: SolidLine Premieres Patient Safety Documentary in Denver, Debuts 11 AOA Videos in San Francisco

October 2010: SolidLine Helps Raise $25,000 for Bears Care in Annual Fitness 5K

September 2010: US Department of Veteran Affairs Unveil New Curriculum Featuring SolidLine Videos

August 2010: SolidLine Tours China on 10 Day Production

July 2010: 2010 Telly Awards Honor 7 SolidLine Videos

June 2010: SolidLine Launches New Brand, Travels to Ukraine

May 2010: SolidLine Looks to the Future at NAB 2010, Launches New Flickr Site

April 2010: SolidLine Official Crew of Jennifer Hudson / 7-11 “Coffee Cup with a Cause” Event

March 2010: SolidLine Production Rated #1 in Worldwide Competition

February 2010: SolidLine Production To Teach Young Caddies

January 2010: Teaching Teachers thru Evidence-Based Research

December 2009 : Hard Work in the Big Easy

November 2009:  SolidLine ‘Wows’ Telecommunication Giant Telefonica

October 2009: SolidLine Media Production Featured in Wall Street Journal