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Motion Graphics

The ever-growing importance of the Internet, along with the prominence of mobile devices, has made video content more important and relevant than ever. According to YouTube, people around the world watch a billion hours of YouTube video content every single day.

Unsurprisingly, this has changed how brands and marketers think about video and its impact on their audience. This has led to a rush of companies creating brand videos for themselves. However, it’s not enough to put any kind of video out there. To grab people’s attention and keep it, your videos have to be creative, engaging, and effective. It’s here where motion graphics can be the key to your videos’ success.

What Are Motion Graphics?

Video is a fantastic medium for communicating a wide range of themes and topics to a mass audience. Still, there are certain topics or content that are not exactly visually exciting. How do you convey the stories behind these themes and ideas through video?

This is where motion graphics come in. As the name suggests, motion graphics are animations and visual elements that create the illusion of movement or rotation. When they are used in videos, motion graphics can make numbers, images, and other types of still content look “alive” and more engaging.

Applications of Motion Graphic Videos

At SolidLine Media, our approach to video production for our clients is to take any idea and explore ways to breathe more life into it. Experience has taught that this may require finding alternatives to capturing live action video, which is why we also have an in-house multimedia team. With motion graphics, we can add action, drama, or flair to your concepts on video.


  • 2D Animation – This focus on creating animated movement in a two-dimensional format, which can range from simple arrows and lines superimposed on live video to complex Vector-based animations created from scratch.
  • 3D Animation – We can integrate 3D effects such as rain, fire, water, and snow into your videos, as well as other animations that appear to occupy three-dimensional space.
  • Whiteboard Videos – Use motion graphics to explain abstract concepts such as finance, politics, sports, and current events. These videos use animations to convey knowledge—think of them as moving notes on a whiteboard.
  • Tutorial Videos – Motion graphics are also perfect for instructional videos, using animations and graphics to break down each step for viewers to understand. Need to bring attention to a specific action or section of a physical object on video? Do it with motion graphics.
  • Teasers and Trailers – Use motion graphics to create viral teasers and trailers that generate hype with your audience.

Trust SolidLine Media to Deliver Stunning Motion Graphic Videos

Our multimedia team is ready and fully equipped to handle any video production job using all kinds of motion concepts and animations. Get in touch with the SolidLine Media team today to discuss your video requirements, brainstorm ideas, and get your video project off the ground.