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Mobile Video Production Studio

Our award-winning SolidLine Media crew is on the road quite often driving back and forth to location shoots for our clients across the United States in our 50-ft. mobile video production studio. The benefits are numerous for our clients and our crew:

No charge for travel expenses – That’s right! Our “tour bus” has 35 feet of comfortable living quarters, including four bunks, table and seats, couch, bathroom, shower and full kitchen. So we sleep, eat and work on-board. That’s why we don’t charge you for our travel expenses anywhere in the continental U.S. We don’t even charge you for gas or food.

On-site production office – Our mobile video production studio is connected to all the resources we need for your location shoot including high-speed Wi-Fi, satellite, and 32-inch HD flat panel TV for reviewing footage from the day.

Multipurpose living space – Our living quarters serve as a talent trailer where people can get prepped and ready (including hair and make-up) for their parts in the video. It’s also a client workspace and a prep kitchen for craft services.

Two tons of video gear – Our mobile video production studio has a 15-ft garage filled with top-of-the-line equipment and tools needed for your location shoot, such as HD camera packages, Matthews jib and dolly system and track, lighting kits, sound gear and a four-seat utility golf cart. (No more anxiety about checking in our expensive gear at the airport!) Look at our full list of onboard production gear.

SLM’s Unique Commitment to Customer Service

Our 50-ft rig is all about giving you great service that goes beyond what any other video production company would do. We know that when we arrive at your location, we have everything we need to make your shoot an awesome success. Nothing to interfere with our important schedule for your corporate video production. Plus our rig will make it more comfortable for you and your team to be with us on location. Like we said – Win-Win!