In this edition of “Meet The SLM Crew,” we’re getting to know production coordinator Allison Miller.

A native of  the small town of Oglesby, Illinois, Allison joined the SolidLine Media team just over a year ago. This week she earns the honor of answering our grueling “tell us more about you” line of questions, as well as being the star of the Cover Photo on our company Facebook page.
Congrats on a full year at SolidLine, Ali!
Here we go….

Have you always had an interest in media?

I’ve always loved watching movies, especially behind the scenes footage to see how certain aspects were created. I’ve always enjoyed learning about why certain scenes are shot or lit the way they are. In fact, the more I learned the more I started picking apart TV shows and movies. Sometimes I’m more focused on camera angles and cuts between cameras than important plot points.

How would you describe your position here at SolidLine?

I get to see all stages of production — it’s like watching little video babies grow! Most of my duties fall into the Pre-Production category as I’m involved in pursuing our leads and establishing goals of potential new clients. I get to help with casting and auditions for our videos, as well as coordinate outside crew such as make-up artists. I’ve also been able to manage some projects and those opportunities proved to be huge learning lessons!

Do any of the projects you've worked on here really stand out?

I really enjoyed working on the award videos for CISC because I learned so much in a very short time. EczeNil was great because it was my first project and we were helping people, so it proved to be very rewarding. Oh! We had over 30 actors for our ISMIE shoot and I had a blast working with the talent and getting wardrobe put together. Also, our live broadcasts for ASUG and NSLS are always fun. There’s something special about all the projects I’ve worked on at SolidLine!

It seems like a big part of your job is wrangling a lot of different crew members together on certain projects. Can that be pretty challenging?

We all have our moments, but generally these guys are easy to work with and respect when someone’s trying to move our process along. It’s a lot of fun to work here.

Looking back at a year with the company, what do you like most about the work environment?

I love coming to work every day and knowing there’s honesty and respect here. We’re a small group of strong personalities but realize the importance of being able to work together.  It’s fun to watch these guys bicker like a bunch of high school girls and then suddenly come to a resolution 🙂


Is there anything you hope to do more of in the future?

I enjoy my position at SolidLine but also look forward to new challenges Michael Kromm (Director of Post Production) and Greg Vass (Executive Producer) throw my way. I’d like to learn more about what goes on in the Art Department — what all is involved in modeling and animating. Knowing more about our Artists’ roles would help me develop my own skills, I reckon.

And finally, when you're NOT working, what do you like to do? Have any fun hobbies?

I like to play my ukulele — if I’m stressed or just having a rough day the uke always helps relax me. I also recently took up painting again and can see many hours dedicated to painting birdhouses, castles, and Christmas ornaments in my future.

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