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Tracy Granzyk – Managing Director, Healthcare

Tracy recently joined SolidLine Media as Managing Director, Healthcare because she has both a passion for storytelling and improving healthcare. And because she just wouldn’t stop following us around. We tried to tell her she was too old for the video production business, but since she doesn’t believe us, we’ll wait until something really heavy from the set falls on her to prove our point. In all seriousness, we have been making award-winning healthcare videos with Tracy and her healthcare colleagues since 2007, which simultaneously ignited a passion for improving healthcare through videos in much of our crew at SolidLine. She has worked in just about every side of healthcare since, well, she won’t really tell us how long it has been, so we’ll just have to take her word that she is qualified.

When she is not sitting at her computer writing or blogging about healthcare, or on an airplane visiting a client, you can find Tracy in the western suburbs–a place she said she would never leave the city for–at one of many youth sport games on ice or a soccer or lacrosse field. Tracy lives with her yellow lab, Patch and live in dog walker, Billy. She swears this is “the year” for the Cubs.