By Greg Cormier, SolidLine Summer Intern
FeelingMy time at SolidLine continues to be nothing short of eventful. I prepared for the final game of the Stanley Cup by producing my own video documenting John and Adam’s predictions for the game, which they happily got right. I was able to enhance my skills and practice on Avid by learning new shortcuts and memorizing frequently used editing moves, and I went coast-to-coast and somewhere in-between to shoot with Great Clips. Looking back on all that has transpired, I can really say that I’ve come a long way – it’s becoming second nature for me to come into the office, travel with the crew, set-up for shoots, and engage with clients.

Thanks to Kevin, I acquired a new nickname on my travels, “Rusty.” The reasoning behind the nickname has not been clarified, but I like to think it’s because of my oxidized hair color. I saw this gesture by the SolidLine crew as another welcome into the fold. We’ll see if it sticks for the summer. My next task is figuring out nicknames for the other members of the team.

One of the major questions I had at the beginning of the summer was how SolidLine interacted with clients to create a shared vision. How does SolidLine strike a balance between meeting the client’s expectations while remaining realistic about what they can produce? The production kick-off for Home Products International provided an opportunity to get my question answered. Observing the conversation between SolidLine and Home Products International, I saw how communication is key to setting up a vision and making sure it is carried out successfully. Home Products International shared their desire to promote their household goods and SolidLine shared their creative ideas on how to do so. Both parties were willing to work together and create a vision that could come to life.

People discussing with teammatesMy question was further answered while traveling across the country in production with Great Clips. While traveling I saw how, in addition to communication, relationships are a key variable to success. Spending time with clients was an opportunity for me to see how making a connection with people can build trust and a lasting partnership that could enhance both businesses involved.

Traveling across the country is just one small perk of the job, but it wouldn’t be as great if I didn’t have an amazing team to do it with. There are many trips ahead and opportunities to learn, hopefully “Rusty” can become “Clean” by the time summer ends.

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