By Greg Cormier, SolidLine Summer Intern
As I write my second blog, I am in awe at how much I have done in just two weeks at SolidLine. The last time I wrote, I had just gotten back from a trip to Baltimore which immediately immersed me into the happenings here at SolidLine. This time, I write after returning from a three day trip to Nashville for Mecum’s Gone Farmin’ vintage tractor auction.

IMG_0207As we set out for Nashville, we threw the idea of relaxation out the window and adapted the motto “go, go, go.” I got to be involved in every step of the broadcast, from the setup to the teardown. The team put in an amazing amount of effort and thought to make sure the broadcast was successful. For one, never have I seen so many cords in my life. It was eye-opening to see how many cameras, cords, lights, people, etc. were used in order to have the tractor auction come to life. I have always known that what we see on TV looks much easier to produce than the reality of what happens behind the cameras, but this experience solidified my belief.

IMG_6714While I have had experience with live broadcasts back at school, shooting a tractor auction is not something I can say I’m familiar with. Nevertheless, I was tasked with running a handheld camera for the whole auction. What an amazing opportunity! Even though some of my shots were shaky and I had trouble finding content, the team’s spirits were high. At the conclusion of the auction, we were all proud of the work we, and each other had put in. This really highlighted the purpose of my internship at SolidLine – to learn. Sometimes, the high expectations I place on myself make me forget that I’m still learning and developing my skills. The team’s positive energy reminded me that I have a great cadre of experts who are giving me a tractor load of experience that I can take with me at the end of the summer! That, and I will be able to drive Ryder trucks across the country with my eyes closed. I’m looking forward to applying what I learned in Nashville when we head out to Harrisburg, PA later in July for another auction!

IMG_6691In addition to my trip to Nashville, I’ve had the chance to take a seat in the editor’s chair back at the
Chicago office. I have edited pieces of my own using Adobe Premiere, but I’ve also gotten to try my hand at Avid. Naive as I am, I thought Avid would basically be the same thing as Adobe. Wrong. As I began to edit the 2015 Summer Intern Video, it quickly became apparent that Avid is much more detailed and specific about how video and audio should be tampered with. I noticed that there were several ways to conduct any one move or cut. Becoming comfortable with the program will take time. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to realize that the keys Command + Z (undo) will be my best friends. I’ve often heard people say that you need to “fail fast.” I have Avid to thank for helping me to “fail fast.”

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