The start of a new year marks a new Production Intern at SolidLine Media, and we’re happy to introduce our new victim intern, Avery Schleichkorn. Avery is a Chicago native who’s eager to break into the production industry, travel the US with SLM, and soak up as much knowledge as possible during the internship. We asked Avery some questions so you can get to know him better… Check out his responses below!

SLM: Tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in video production.
AS: My life in film began with my re-envisioning of the French revolution in 5th grade where I directed an execution in a public park. Since then I’ve continued to pursue the narrative power of film production to fulfill my next vision.
SLM: How did your first week at SolidLine go?
AS: During my first week at SolidLine I worked on three different on sites and met the mayor of Chicago. Not too bad for the first week.
SLM: First impressions of the SLM crew and atmosphere?
AS: The first thing anybody will see in the SLM office is how hard working and well prepared of a crew we have here, even better is how fun, open and communicative the SLM crew is with each other.
SLM: What are you looking forward to learning with SolidLine?
AS: I’m looking forward to learning how to produce smart videos.
SLM: How do you intend on surviving the SLM Internship?
AS: I’ll survive this winter at SLM by growing a rugged beard.
Stay tuned for blogs from Avery that will highlight all his juicy production details.

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