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Healthcare Video Production Services

As more healthcare organizations understand the virtually limitless potential of digital media, they are also exploring ways to use different media formats, which includes video. The applications for video content in the healthcare industry can range from advertising and educational content to training modules and marketing assets.

However, it’s important for any video that your healthcare organization produces to meet a certain standard. At SolidLine Media, we take pride in creating high-quality videos for various industries. We provide healthcare video production services to all kinds of healthcare organizations, creating videos that resonate with their target audience.

Why Produce Healthcare Videos?

When done right, video can be an incredibly powerful platform, capable of communicating information in ways that print or audio cannot. Research also tells us that people are hungry for video content, with one report showing that as much as 87% of consumers said they would like to see more video from brands.

Fortunately, the ability of video to convey information that resonates with people applies to any industry, including healthcare. But for your videos to be valuable, it must have a clear objective, message, and audience. To understand these three elements, it helps to know the things you can do with video.

2 Potential Applications of Videos for Healthcare

While there are all kinds of ways to use videos in the context of healthcare, the most basic applications boil down to education and public relations/marketing.

1. PR and Marketing

Video can be a great tool for promoting your hospital’s new services, milestones, and innovations. Healthcare institutions like the Mayo Clinic leverage video content by producing a series of 60-second videos that talk about topics concerning health and wellness, such as mental health, skin protection during the winter, peanut allergy prevention, eating healthy, and managing pain among many others.

This video marketing strategy can help your organization reinforce your brand and image as a leader in the industry. 

Videos can also be used as a public relations tool for your stakeholders, keeping them informed about the latest developments, news, and updates in your organization.

2.  Education

Apart from the commercial applications of video, such as advertising and marketing, the media format can also be truly helpful to both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Obviously, the main objective of healthcare is to treat people and keep them healthy. Video can be a tool that healthcare professionals use to show patients information on how to keep themselves healthy or how to use certain treatments and medications.

Video can also be a public awareness tool, relaying information about diseases, symptoms, and self-diagnoses to help the public look after themselves. A hospital, for example, can produce videos discussing the hospital’s protocols and patients, helping patients understand what to expect when they use its services or seek treatment.

Turn to the Professionals for Healthcare Video Production

At SolidLine Media, we’re no stranger to producing videos for the healthcare industry. We’ve worked with organizations such as MedStar Health, American Hospital Association, American Osteopathic Foundation (AOF), Cleveland Clinic, American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). Contact our team to discuss your organization’s video project today.