Dylan’s Intern Diary – Part 3

By Dylan Ptak, SolidLine Summer Intern

The past week has been a very busy one here at SolidLine. Most weeks usually are but this one involved a lot of on location shooting and a lot of traveling. I really enjoy shooting on location because I get to experience things and go to places I would probably never have a chance to otherwise. Normally, that much driving and sitting in one spot for an extended period of time would drive me crazy, but traveling in SolidLine’s home on wheels is, for lack of a better word, easy. It also helps that not having my class C license forbids me to drive so I can just kick back and enjoy the ride.

We started the week with a pick-up day shoot at NCSBN with Carl, our steadicam guy (yeah we have a steadicam guy.)  We only had to get a few shots that we were unable to get dylans-internat the previous shoot at their offices, so it was a quick and easy day that went very smoothly. From there, the crew and I packed up and left directly from the NCSBN offices, en route to the Avfuel shoot in good ole Ypsilanti Michigan, which is between Ann Arbor and Detroit. The Avfuel shoot was one of the more interesting shoots I’ve been apart of so far. We were shooting on the airport tarmac all day, where you’ll be hard pressed to find shade. The blistering sun and my skin without sunscreen is not a good combo and I paid for it that night. Despite the very humorous sunburn we were shooting personal jets, commercial, and cargo planes taxing and being refueled all day so that definitely made it interesting and worth a little peeling. For most of the shoot I was either slating or shooting behind the scenes footage for a short video we’ll be posting soon.

We arrived back at the SLM offices from Michigan around 11:30 Wednesday night, only to have to be back at the offices at 7:30am for the start of the Handy Living shoot in Chicago. Day 1 of the Handy Living production was in a studio space that was transformed into a small apartment-setting prefect to showcase the versatility of the Handy Living furniture. dylans-internWe had one female talent and one male showcasing and demonstrating the many different ways you can arrange your furniture in small space living. After we wrapped the crew and I packed up all the furniture and gear and headed to the next day’s location, which was the cyc wall at Digital Resolution Studios right here in Chicago. Despite a small issue with sound in the beginning of the shoot, everything went very well and we were able to capture everything before our deadline of 6pm. It was a fun and energetic shoot that should turn out very cool. It’s a special shoot for me because I feel like I have seen the process of this shoot from the start. It was a nice feeling seeing everything come together from the pre-production, through the casting that I assisted our producer Kevin Wright with, onto the production that couldn’t have gone better. In my near future I will be shooting trains in Indiana and on location for a shoot in Boston so needless to say I’m excited for the upcoming weeks.

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