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SolidLine Media Video Production Demo Reel

Take a look and see what we have been up to!

2020 Show Reel

In just one minute and twenty-seven seconds, you’ll see fast cuts from dozens of HD videos as they move to the beat of a high-energy percussion sound track, showcasing the amazing talents of our  crew. You’ll enjoy our sweeping aerial sequences, innovative 3D animation, advanced motion graphics, location shoots and up-close-and-personal employee interviews.

Motion Graphics Reel

Advanced motion graphics are an integral part of many business films produced by SolidLine Media’s corporate video services team. Motion graphics emphasize important points of the narrative in a fun, visual style that helps viewers retain the information. Our creative team weaves their magic with state-of-the-art motion graphics programs that transform ideas into motion.

Healthcare Reel

SolidLine has partnered with plenty of high-caliber companies in the healthcare industry to produce training, corporate-image, and promotional videos. Our team has developed a passion for healthcare-related videos and understands the seriousness of the topics at hand. Check out our Healthcare Reel which highlights some of the work we’ve done in the industry.

3D Animation Reel

If you’re considering 3D animation in your next corporate video, take a look at the fun our animation experts have created for our clients. You’ll view SolidLine Media’s fully animated productions and ones with animated segments. You’ll even see original animated characters created by our imaginative crew.

Transportation & Logistics Reel

Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with some of the leading transportation and logistics corporations and call them happy clients. We have traveled the US and internationally to capture footage in offices, call centers, loading docks, warehouses, and on tarmacs. You’ll see the experience we have with transportation and logistics by taking a look at our reel.