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Corporate Video Production

If you’re like every other company trying to regain its footing at the end of 2020, you’re probably asking yourself how to help draw clients and increase conversions. At this point, with so many businesses vying for attention, what is it that your clients want from you? Half of your client base is looking for more video content from your brand. Through videos, clients are looking to learn more about your brand in order to determine if they trust your organization. Through your visual content, clients are deciding whether your business is operating in a way that lines up with the new standards of ethical business practices consumers demand of the brands they patronize.

Free Consultation

Operating out of Chicago, SolidLine Media strives to provide our clients with access to high quality professional corporate video production services. Through our video production studios, our clients create powerful visual content that helps to build their brand recognition and increase visibility over time. 

Branding That Inspires Trust

Consumer behavior in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted to hold brand trust in even higher regard than in the past. In order to tap into that trend, it’s crucial for businesses to create video content that inspires their confidence that you can deliver on what your marketing promises you’ll deliver.  

Form Your Brand’s Narrative

Through our industry leading production values, SolidLIne Media helps our clients create video content designed to tell their story. An extremely influential marketing tool, narrative content helps create a personal connection with your brand by associating it with powerful imagery and symbolism they can connect with.  

Create Highly Shareable Content

By creating short, story-driven content, corporate videos become shareable branding tools across social media platforms, a visual currency that can be used to create buzz and attract new clients. Video content provides a significant return on investment and can increase conversion rates by more than 80 percent.  

Brand Videos Become a Part of a Larger Strategy

By themselves, brand videos can capture consumer attention, but not nearly on the scale of a fully fleshed out advertising campaign. Our team of video production experts can help to expand the narrative of a single video into a long-term, multichannel video campaign. Over multiple pieces of video content, the campaign can be used to educate consumers about a client’s high-level vision and mission, and connect their vision with the products and services on offer. 

Transforming Vision into Visual Content

Could your target audience pick your brand out of a lineup of your competitors? The power of brand awareness is that it’s helpful in keeping your brand top-of-mind when consumers are making purchasing decisions. Work with our team of video production experts, and we’ll ensure your brand creates powerful visual content that will not soon be forgotten, especially when it’s time for viewers to open their wallets. To learn more about our production services, set up a consultation today.