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Chicago Video Production Services

With 83% of businesses that use video marketing saying that visual media has helped them to generate leads, it’s no wonder that SolidLine Media has been able to carve out a niche as an essential video production services provider for businesses in and around the Chicago metropolitan area. Challenging markets call for top-notch media production, and our team of video production experts regularly creates powerful videos that help our clients tell their stories, influence stakeholders, and generate and convert leads into profitable relationships.

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Video marketing has come to be a powerful tool for businesses to capture the limited attention that potential clients have in the course of their days. Eight-four percent of consumers, in fact, claim that they have been convinced to make a purchase because of a product or service overview video posted on a business’s website. In order to assist our clients in taking advantage of this behavior, we work with them to create the right type of video for the brand’s needs.

The Types of Videos We Produce

Marketing videos come in a number of flavors, depending upon the overall purpose of the campaign in which they’ll be used. At SolidLine Media, we’re known for our high production values and strong content across 8 video categories, each fulfilling a specific client end goal.

  • Promotional marketing videos help to expose potential customers to your products and services, compelling them through your inbound marketing funnels towards conversion. 
  • Training videos help organizations create an internal culture of information and education to ensure employees know how to do their jobs and what’s expected of them as members of an organization’s team.
  • Explainer videos are more than a product promotion, in that they go beyond promoting and informing into engaging viewers on a deeper level as to why or how a product or service might help solve a specific need for potential clients. 
  • Recruitment videos help to introduce your brand and culture to potential employees in order to attract the right talent to improve your team. 
  • Conference videos are a way brands can build recognition and exposure, and to act as a platform for inspiring, information, and educating beyond other channels.
  • Live-web streaming, especially across social media platforms, coupled with ticket sales for future similar events is a perfect way to give clients an exposure to your staff and the services and products you offer as well as build a following interested in your organization’s activities or events over time.
  • Healthcare videos help hospitals and private practices execute innovative marketing campaigns or education-style videos helping patients better navigat
  • Transportation and Logistics videos help businesses in this industry reach potential clients to help them navigate the challenges of supply line management while standing out in a highly competitive industry. 

Live Action or Motion Graphics…or Both?

Regardless of the type of video your organization needs from our team, there’s a perfect mix of live video and motion graphics that will meet your needs in many situations. Motion graphics allow the creative team to augment the viewer experience and show rather than tell. Our multimedia team can use 2D or 3D animation methods to bring the screen to vivid life, whether you’re in need of a product teaser, a trailer for your next event, or an every- day whiteboard instructional video.  

Modern, Remote Production Solutions

For the foreseeable future, businesses are operating remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that’s not stopping us from continuing to provide video editing and production services to our clients. We’ve established a powerful online video production platform, SolidLive, to help clients upload source footage and transform it into polished and professional final video products. 

SolidLine Media: Chicago’s Media Production Moguls

Your business cannot compete in the modern economy without access to a method of creating powerful and compelling video content to support your organization’s marketing and advertising strategies. At SolidLine Media, we work with our clients to determine the best possible approach to the story they’re trying to tell and create a narrative that matches their vision and their ultimate goals. Learn more about our services and how we can help your team by scheduling a free consultation today.

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