B-roc’s First Blog
By Broc Pachesa, SolidLine Fall Intern
Starting my third week at SolidLine, I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by already. Shooting a bunch of scenes in the studio has been a blast but overall I enjoyed the trip to Flint, Michigan last week. This shoot was an on-location for Avfuel, an aviation-fueling supplier.

We left on Monday, September 24th from SolidLine Media. I knew that I was in for a good time when I met the rest of the crew that would be traveling with us.  The 4-hour RV ride wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but I preferred when Ed was driving over Kevin (no offense Kev!).

The three days spent in Michigan were nothing short of a blast and something that I will never forget. Splitting up into two separate crews, I did not see much of Ed, Ashley, or Ryne who were shooting over at the fuel farm. Instead, my crew (Kevin, Andy, & myself) went on the other side and filmed various scenes including safety procedures, clean up of a (fake) fuel spill, & even jets & planes taking off! The highlight of my experience without a doubt happened on the second day. The setup we had going was a fake fuel leak underneath a jet. Using water, we poured it on one side of the plane. Not even a minute later the Fire & Rescue squad shows up because they though it was a real spill. Instead of heading back they volunteered to act in the scene, starting with rushing in from the runway.



This was my favorite experience because they had the sweetest vehicle. This green-machine must have been 8 feet wide and had the appearance that it could run anything over without a problem. On the front of the vehicle was a 4-foot spike. I mean, who doesn’t wish they had a 4-foot spike of the front of their car? Anyways, on the end of the spike was several holes and the firemen explained to us that it is used to put out fires inside of planes by stabbing into the plane and spraying everywhere.

After we were done filming, we graciously thanked the firemen for their superior acting skills. After briefly talking to them about what they did and how everything works on their trucks, they invited us to stop by the fire station before we left to film them some more.

We arrived back at SolidLine late Thursday night, only to have to be back at the office at 8:00AM Friday to film more stuff in the studio.  Then after Friday came and went, I got to go home and have a relaxing weekend off right? WRONG! Saturday, September 29th was the Midtown 5K in Palatine, IL. Surprisingly enough, working with just Ed and Ryan was loads of fun as we captured all of the runners that morning. After the race was over we all crowded into the banquet hall and filmed the ceremonies that took place. After everything was said and done, the coordinator of the Midtown 5K told us that they wanted a clip of what we shot to air on the jumbo screen during a bear’s game, as Bear’s Care is one of their main sponsors. As a huge sports fan, this made waking up 5 AM worth it.

All of these exciting activities took place in just one amazing week. This is my blog entry. Bye!

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