Sure, the SolidLine Production Truck is not a boat, but it is our flagship and we are mighty proud of it. So proud, that we think it deserves another blog post. You may remember our initial blog-tour of the SolidLine On-Location Office, but that was four years ago. If you thought our on-the-go-office was neat then, you’re in for a treat.

The SLM On-Location Semi is an all-in-one vehicle that houses our crew and travels anywhere in the country. It’s quick, it’s cozy, it carries all of our gear and serves as an on-site production office while we’re on location [like we are now. Hello, Ft. Myers!] And we’re constantly tricking the rig out with new high-end gear and features.


Basically, the truck is SolidLine’s home away from home. We take full advantage of the open road in our customized, 50-foot, Volvo-powered rig and offer to transport ourselves and everything we need, anywhere in North America, during any season…at no extra charge to our clients. That’s right…zip.

But maybe it’s because we like hanging out in the rig so much. When the truck’s 30 feet of living quarters isn’t being used as a talent trailer, client workspace or prep kitchen for craft services on a shoot, our team is using it as SolidLine mobile headquarters.

The living quarters boasts:

-4 bunks
-Heating and air
-Table with booth seating
-32″ HD flat panel TV
-Dish network satellite service
-DVD player
-High-speed wifi
-Full kitchen:
-Gas range
-Convection oven
-Sink with hot water

So we’re not exactly roughing it.

3d model

But the toys and amenities don’t stop with our crew and client comfort. The rear of the rig is a 15-foot garage portion that houses all of the tools and gear we need to make the production a beautiful success including:

-HD camera packages
-Jib and dolly system and track
-Lighting kits
-Sound gear
-Even a four-seat, utility golf cart…also customized

That’s over two tons of gear. We’re not good at packing light; we like our toys.

Check out the SLM Truck Guide with a full list of onboard production gear!

But, the SLM Truck is more than a toy; it’s a showcase example of the quality, caring service we provide our clients. After all, what other professional production company will travel anywhere in the United States for free to shoot with you? That’s what we thought.

When you see the SolidLine Truck rolling up to your production shoot, remember: Mi Truck es Su Truck…or however that old saying goes.

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