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SolidLine Media will kick-off its 6th season as the production company for The National Society of Leadership & Success and their National Speaker Broadcast Series. The show travels the country to one of The Society’s 600+ college chapters who host the broadcast to a live audience. The SolidLine produced show then broadcasts to an online audience of more than 100,000.

“The Fall lineup begins October 10th in New Jersey with our 40th Society Broadcast,” exclaims SolidLine Executive Producer Greg Vass. “It has been an incredible experience to travel with this show, work with the speakers, and watch the Society grow in the process. We are grateful for this relationship and look forward to another great season!”

This Fall features four Speaker Broadcasts which will include guests Kathryn Minshew, Simon Sinek, Wendy Williams, and Sir Richard Branson. You can learn more about The Society by visiting societyleadership.org.