We did our Spring cleaning a little early this year here at SolidLine HQ. This month, we replaced our legacy AVID Unity Media Server (RIP Unity) with a brand new state-of-the-art Facills Terrablock media server. The Facilis offers us the advantage of being compatible with the newest version of our editing system, Avid Media Composer, while allowing us to use SolidLine’s existing fiber infrastructure. In terms of digital storage, we increased our capacity to 96 Terabytes, which allows us to transcode our raw c amera files into Avid’s native media fo rmat, and providing a smoother and more efficient editing process. Aside from the server upgrade, we also updated all of our editing and graphics computers with new solid state hard drives, USB 3 cards, and the latest version of Avid.

John Courchane, Senior Editor at SolidLine, elaborates: “Before, we were limited by our storage size and software limits. Now, with all of our hardware and software upgraded, we have the capability to edit the most up-to-date camera files and sizes, including virtual reality and 4k formats. It’s like Post-Production on steroids around here.”