Patient Safety is MedStar Health’s number one focus, and their journey to providing patients with the highest quality care is one in which SolidLine has had the pleasure of documenting. Recently, the SLM crew and MedStar Health worked together to tell the story of Cheryl & Paul Douglass, a married couple that experienced preventable medical harm when Cheryl contracted Sepsis. Her symptoms went undiagnosed until the infection had spread throughout her body, but luckily she survived and is able to tell her story to increase awareness throughout the medical community. Take a look at the video below to hear the couple’s important message and story of survival.

“Sepsis Awareness is a key patient safety effort at MedStar Health, and we’ve learned how important our stories are to convey the type of learning people remember,” states Tracy Granzyk. “Paul & Cheryl Douglass share a story of not only surviving sepsis but also one of resilience and an example of how strong the human spirit can be when tested.”