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This year, we’re thankful for all the awesome clients and colleagues that keep us busy on a daily basis. Below you can see a sketch of the SolidLine crew having their Thanksgiving dinner — starting at the top, and going clockwise:

Greg Vass leads the table “discussion” about what a great year it’s been for the crew and all the exciting things we have to look forward to in the future. Michael Kromm happily listens to Greg’s speech, not knowing he’s the only one doing so. Kevin Wright is in his own world, contemplating the list of boat parts he still has to orderĀ online. Adam Marzec has his attention on sports and is trying to figure out his next Fantasy Football move. Mike Petrik is doing what he does best… doodling while looking like a baby lumberjack. Tracy Granzyk maintains her cool, positive vibe while asking Ed Boe questions about his Thanksgiving plans, but Ed Boe saw a spider so all of his attention is on photographing it. John Courchane sneakily adds hot sauce to the Turkey when the crew isn’t looking, because the dude is literally obsessed with all things spice. And lastly, Ali Mae pays zero attention to anything going on because she’s too busy making plans for after work. From our table to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


SLM_ThanksgivingIllustration_2015_Ver2 2