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IMG_5916 So, if you follow us on twitter (and you know you totally should) you’d know that Michael Kromm and I spent the last weekend out in Las Vegas for Avid’s 2015 Avid Connect event. It’s a chance to get to sit down and, ya know, connect… with other Avid customers from around the world. Between the keynote speeches, the breakout sessions, and the social events, I have plenty to report back on.

5: #TeamKimchi
Yeah, I’m leading off with kimchi, that’s happening. The first night in Vegas, there was the Avid Connect Welcome Reception. It was a chance to hang out and chat with fellow conference attendees. They had food, and one of the foods was a Korean style taco stand, and they had kimchi, and it was awesome.

4: The Speakers
Between Saturday morning’s keynote speech, the afternoon breakout sessions, and the Sunday speakers, there was plenty of content to get people excited about the direction Avid, and by association our industry, is moving.

3: Product Releases
Everyone loves new toys, and we’re no exception. Avid released a few fun new toys, including the Avid ISIS 1000. The ISIS 1000 is the newest in Avid’s storage solutions. If you want to read more into it, go here. IMG_5920

2: Avid Tech Bar
The Avid Tech Bar was a chance to hang out with the masterminds behind Avid. On the first night we got to chat, face to face with Greg Myrdal, a software engineering manager, and Ed Harper, a senior product manager. Small word, Greg is actually from Madison, WI (My hometown, yaaay!) but he was from the West Side (The wrong side, booooo). Geographic boundaries aside, it was a great experience getting to have that one on one (or two on two, technically) conversation.

1: Connecting With Fellow Avid Customers
Obviously, the highlight here is going to be with all the other people. We spoke with people from large studios, small shops, and everything in between. There were educators, distributors, editors, pretty much any kind of -tor you wanted.