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Our new Production Intern, Travis Upshaw, has been on board with the crew for a little over a month, so we thought we’d catch up with him and ask how his Internship has been going. He is currently on the road but took some time to sit down with us to answer our questions.

SLM: How’s your Internship been going with SolidLine?

TU: It’s going really well! At the moment, I’m in Las Vegas for the ASUG shoot. These last few weeks have flown by. So, it’s nice to pause, reflect, and tell everyone how things are going.

SLM: What all have you learned thus far at SolidLine?

TU: Operating a live (Sony XDCAM) camera, said camera setup/breakdown, running teleprompter, subclipping in Avid, cord wrangling, and miscellaneous on-set aspects (slating, shot logs, properly packing gear, overall logistics, etc.).

SLM: You’ve been traveling quite a bit. Which trip has been your favorite and why?

TU: Our Washington D.C. and Baltimore/Columbia, MD visit. I used to live in that area. It was cool to see a few familiar sites.

SLM: You spend a lot of time in the Art Department. What’s the atmosphere like?

TU: Relaxed, humorous, and Adam and Mike are often working hard on all sorts of interesting visual graphics.

SLM: What are you looking forward to during the remainder of your Internship?

TU: Continuing to learn (with a hands-on approach) more and more video production techniques.

SLM: Anything else you’d like to say about your experience?

TU: I’m always asking questions, and everyone is always willing to answer and/or show me the ropes. I enjoy the atmosphere that SLM has created for interns to truly get involved in various phases of production.

There you have it, folks! Travis is learning lots and staying sane despite all the crazy travel we have going on… and he’s doing a great job helping out around the office and on set! In December, we will be looking to fill our next Intern position which starts at the beginning of next year. Let us know if you or someone you know is interested in filling the position.