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SolidLine Media’s video production process was developed years ago to help crew members stay on track and budget when producing smart videos. It also serves as a roadmap for our client’s expectations, giving them a clear-cut series of milestones and deadlines to follow from pre-production to post. Basically, smart videos require a smart production process. So when we gave SLM Art Director, Mike Petrik the challenge of creating a boardgame-themed production process, he ran with it and created something out of this world. Thus, ProductionLand was born.

“I had a blast creating the infographic!” exclaims Petrik. “Visuals add to any sort of presentation, so having something fun like a boardgame should keep people entertained when it comes to the process talk. It’s important that our clients understand our production process, that way, everything stays on schedule… Plus, who doesn’t love boardgames?”

Take a look at our new production process infographic by clicking the image below!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.45.56 PM

You can also access the text version of SolidLine’s production process here.