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When a video production company shows up at your door to conduct interviews, it’s natural to be a bit nervous if you’ve never been involved in a video shoot before. Below are some tips on what you can expect the day of the shoot, and what the production company will need from you beforehand.

Prior to the Video Shoot

PRE-INTERVIEWS: If at all possible, conducting interviews over the phone with each interviewee can be a big help. It gives the interviewee an idea of how the process will go on the shoot day, which in turn relaxes him/her when it comes time for the actual interview. Each phone session usually only takes about half an hour per person and can save lots of time on the shoot days.

InterviewLOCATION: If you’re filming using a practical background, you’ll need to secure a unique location for each interview inside your office. Please ensure the backgrounds are interesting and eye-catching, rather than just filming the subjects against a conference room wall. If you’re unsure of a specific location within your office, feel free to send photos to the production company to get their opinion. Something to keep in mind is the size of the location, with the ideal space being 20 ft x 30 ft to allow room for our camera, lights, crew members, and backdrop (if needed). Try to avoid locations with a lot of noise and high traffic areas such as main entrances. Filming in a private room is preferred to eliminate these unwanted sounds and distractions.

Shoot Day(s)

SOLIDLINE CREW & EQUIPMENT: Typically, three crew members are present from SolidLine Media on production days. We arrive 1-2 hours before the first interview so we can set up our equipment and ensure everything is ready to go. It’s a big help if you have an area to house a total of 6 large production cases while we conduct the interviews and film b-roll.

B-ROLL FOOTAGE: In addition to conducting interviews on the production day(s), the crew will also film b-roll. B-roll is footage that shows the story that is being told, such as someone working at a desk, a group of team members meeting, or a patient and physician discussing treatment options. You should brainstorm some good locations for b-roll and plan to have staff members readily available to serve as “extras” in the scenes. Please make sure these areas are clutter-free and ready for filming.

What the Production Crew Needs

CONTACT INFO: You’ll need to provide contact information for the person who will meet the production crew at your location and ensure they get to the right area for filming. Knowing the exterior logistics and if there is a designated area for parking is also helpful. In addition, let the crew know in advance if there is a loading dock, ramp, or freight elevator we can use to transport gear into your facility.

If you still have questions about what to expect the day of the shoot, just ask! Also, check out our blog about what to wear for your on-camera interview here.