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At SolidLine, we do a lot of brand videos and educational productions, but, as a full-service video production company, we’re prepared for any type of project that may cross our desk. A few years ago, SolidLine teamed up with Transparent Health to produce a series of educational productions surrounding around patient safety. One of those video productions was a documentary called The Faces of Medical Error…From Tears to Transparency: The Story of Michael Skolnik. Skolnik was a young man who was left partially paralyzed and eventually passed away due to what his physicians described as a routine surgery. His story, told six-years later through his parents tears, raises a lot of important questions about medical ethics and ‘informed consent.’

Better than an award, our work with Transparent Health and the Skolnik family’s story, was recognized for it’s informational merit. Recently, Emmy Award winning TV show, The Doctors featured SolidLine Media’s footage in their episode “Could Your Hospital Be Killing You?.” In this episode, The Doctors expert panel of physicians discussed the alarming rates of hospital fatalities due to medical mistakes. It was a complicated episode about professionalism, trust and asking the right questions. SolidLine Media’s footage from interviews with Dave and Patty Skolnik were used as an example of the extreme damage caused by inept doctor-patient/guardian communication.

While the Skolnik’s story remains heartbreaking, we are honored to have our film used to further illustrate the need for safer, more transparent medical care and are proud of Patty Skolnik and her family for taking their tragedy and turning it into something Michael, a nursing student, would’ve been proud of, Citizens for Patient Safety.