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As if making a client happy and receiving awesome feedback wasn’t enough, SolidLine has also been honored with countless awards in International film and video competitions. So, in the spirit of the award season, we thought we’d share a little on the competition process and some of the awards we’ve been honored with over the years.

At SolidLine we often submit to categories such as promotional, sales, inspirational, direct marketing and employee communications. Over the years, our best pal, The Internet, has made submitting our work for various competitions incredibly easy; we just upload the video and choose its corresponding category. The hardest part is waiting until the winners are announced. It can take up to 6 months to hear the results and a lot of the organizations tend to extend their deadlines, but you know us, we keep busy.

It’s worth the wait. A few of our trophy display cases greet clients and employees when they walk through SolidLine’s door, and it feels great to be recognized for our efforts by other professionals in the industry.

Here are just a few awards you can find proudly displayed at SolidLine:

Davey Award

The Davey Awards are judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA), a membership-based organization of leading professionals dedicated to embracing progress and the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media. Two honors, Gold and Silver, are available and winners are determined through a 10-point scale based on IAVA’s standards of excellence. There were nearly 4,000 entries in 2012.

SolidLine won a 2012 Davey Award for Nutri-Vet Skin Care Promo

Communicator Awards

Rosecrance, this one's for you!

Rosecrance, this one’s for you!

Also judged by IAVA, The Communicator Awards are judged based on a standard of excellence in marketing and communications. Awards ar determined by a 100-point scale and are given for Excellence (score of 90+) and Distinction (score of 70-89). Being honored with a Communicator Award is a respected accomplishment in the video production industry. In 2012, there were over 6,000 video entries.

SolidLine won 2012 Excellence Awards for APL-Moving the World and Husqvarna-What is Ethanol?

SolidLine won 2012 Distinction Awards for Transparent Health-Safety Summit and Rosecrance-Life’s Waiting

Qvidian-Playbook Promo, AGD-2013 Conference Promo Video, Nutri-Vet Skin Care Promo and AOA-Mentor of the Year are all being considered for a 2013 Communicator Award.


Telly Awards

From large international firms to local production companies and ad agencies, The Telly is one of the most sought-after awards by industry leaders. Judged by the Silver Telly Council, entries are scored on a performance scale and winners are recognized with silver or Bronze awards based on the combined scoring of the judges. The 2012 competition drew in more than 11,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents.

SolidLine won 2012 Telly Awards for APL-Moving the World and Husqvarna-What is Ethanol?

Smart Payment Plan-Let Us Pay Your Bills, Qvidian-Playbook Promo and AOA-Mentor of the Year are all being considered for a 2013 Telly Award.

It’s not the award, but the recognition


We put a lot of work into our productions at SolidLine, so, for us, the beauty of these competitions is the caliber and diversity of projects. The Davey, Communicator and Telly Awards have focused awards for respectable, small firms; driving home the fact that you don’t have to produce million-dollar films to win an award and be acknowledged by the industry for the quality of your work.

We’ll be submitting our work to additional industry award competitions throughout 2013 and this week, we’re entering some of SolidLine’s work to the People’s Telly Awards in which the public is invited to vote for their favorite videos via YouTube. Keep an eye out for the links to vote and we’ll update you on the results as they come in.

We’re honored to say that, at SolidLine, we consistently produce award-winning videos. So stay tuned for more and work with us, who knows, your video might just be a winner.